Boxes and Walls

Boxes and Walls is suppose to facilitate an interactive environment that provides a historical perspective on various oppressed groups while creating a situation that participants will experience discrimination or relive a situation. The ‘Boxes’ represent the place we put people in based on differences and the ‘Walls’ we build between people we view as different. […]

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Saturday Cinema

It is great to see some of you enjoy a free movie in the Cave. This Saturday we watched Thor: Ragnarok, if you haven’t see it I suggest you do. Thor: Ragnoarok is a 2017 American superhero/ comedy film based on Marvel Comics character Thor. There was some lemonade and popcorn. The next Saturday Cinema […]

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Super Bowl Sunday

Morrow Hall watched as the Eagles flew past the Patriots and won their first Super Bowl in their 84 year history. The final score was 41-33. There was some great food which included pizza, chips, cheese bread, and candy as well as some of your favorite fizzy drinks. It was a blast to watch the […]

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Personal Goal Setting

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time” -Author Unknown. Why should you set goals for yourself? You should set goals for yourself for many reasons. It gives you motivation and vision for the future as when as focuses yourself on something. You should set your goals on a number of levels. […]

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Avoid the Flu and Common Cold

It is that time of year when everyone seems to be getting sick. It is flu and cold season. Use this bulletin board to avoid those awful days of being sick and also if you happen to become sick what you can do. If you have fever, chills, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sore nose, […]

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Endangered Species in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin alone there are 936 endangered species. That is broken down into 7 amphibians, 22 fish, 22 reptile, 22 mammals, 84 birds, 336 plants, 48 lichens, 21 ants, wasps, and bees, 32 snails, 96 beetles, 73 butterflies, moths, caddisflies, 5 crustaceans, 37 dragonflies and damselflies, 35 grasshoppers and allies, 37 leafhoppers and true bugs, […]

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Pizza Party

Since 3 West achieved the goal of saving so many plastic water bottles by using the refillable water fountain, we earned a pizza party! It is also the end of the semester which can be stressful. What else could be better at a stressful time than pizza. So at this stressful time try and find […]

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December Door Decs

It is the final month of the semester so I created everyone some December themed door decs. In saying that it is the final month of the semester make sure you are properly preparing for finals week. If you need tips and tricks for surviving finals make sure you check out the bulletin board.

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