Lets Talk About Sex

Hey 3 West residents! There is a new bulletin board about sex in the wing. This is a great resource to look over because it will give great information about STDs (and no one wants those.) It also explains how to know if you have an infection, and how sex is a normal part of life. […]

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Plastic Water Bottles Saved

Since Morrow Hall is the Sustainability Interest Community it is the goal of 1 West to prevent 1,000 plastic water bottles from going into our eco-system. We will be practicing the second R in REDUCE, REUSE, RECYLCE, and REPURPOSE. There are many interesting facts on the tracker that show why plastic bottles are such a […]

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Dinner Time 

It is always great to have a wing meal. It creates more of a community feel and is a great time to build better relationships with your neighbors. If the wing is interested we can create a day(s) and time(s) where as a wing we can go to the different dinning halls and have a […]

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Fun at the Bowling Alley

There were several residents of 1 West that went to the free bowling at Pioneer Lanes on Saturday night. I am always open to ideas for wing events like bowling, movies, paint ball or anything else that you would want to do as a wing event. All you have to do is put a suggestion […]

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Suggestions Wanted

There is a Suggestions Wanted located outside my door. You can put any kind of suggestion in this box that relates to our wing or hall. I am open to suggestions for door decs., wing events or programs, bulletin boards, hall events, and anything else that will make your time on 1 West more enjoyable. […]

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Lava Lamps Door Decs.

Who doesn’t like lava lamps? Your first door decs. this year are going with our halls theme of retro/throw back. I hope that you enjoy your first door decs of the year and I am always open to ideas or suggestions when it comes to door decs.

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