Waste Land: What Happens on the World’s Largest Trash City Will Transform You

Waste Land is a documentary about what happens in the largest trash city depending on how much get dumped at one place per day.

I have learned quite a bit from this documentary. Green Campus Project showed this documentary showed Waste Land on campus to educate students about trash and recycling.

A famous Brazilian artist, Vik Muniz, from New York City, who raised in poverty in Brazil went back to Rio De Janeiro to see where was their waste land. He lived there for two years to learn about the people who work there. His plan was to create portrait of the workers out of the materials found from the landfill; sell the art work and give the money back to the workers so that can improve their life style.

It was really impressive idea. It made me think about people who run our society and how we treat them. How can we help our environment – by little careful about recycling or should it be even our concern since it’s already in a bad situation? It was definitely a food for thought kind of documentary. I would highly recommend to watch everyone to learn about trash and its impact on our everyday life.


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