Tips for Job Hunting Door Decs

Since it is that time of year where you should be looking and applying for summer employment. Everyone got an umbrella door decs with tips on them to protect you from the unemployed “rain”. If you have any questions about your resume, cover letter, or finding employment you can ask me and the campus does […]

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Weekend Brain Teaser

Lets exercise your brains with these brain teasers. Brain Teaser help your cognitive ability and mental functions. This will help your perception, attention, memory, motor skills, language, visual and spatial processing, and executive functions. This will help ward off aging of your brain which could lead to Alzheimer’s. Can you find the smaller pair of […]

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Saturday Cinema Presents

In 1940 the 332nd Fighter Group and the 447th Bombardment Group of the United States Army Air Corps made history by becoming the first all African-American Fighter and Bombardment Group. They were know as the Tuskegee Airmen and there nicknames were the Red Tails or Red-Tail Angels because the tail of there fighter planes were […]

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A New Year, A New Job

Ricky Reynoso, professor of technical writing, was here in Morrow Hall to work with us on a resume workshop. It is the time that students start to look for summer employment and if you are getting close to graduation a permanent long term job. It is always great to update and look through you resume […]

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Duncan Diner

Hotdog, milk shake, and chips all for $1 at Duncan Diner in McGregor Hall basement. All of the proceeds go to the Wisconsin Companion Animal Resources Education.

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What Do you STAND For?

What do you stand for? It is a very simple but complex question. Think about it for a second. What values and beliefs do you have and how to do express them. Some of the values that I have and I feel that everyone should have is Integrity, Civility, Respect, Responsibility and Action. Integrity- the […]

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Weekend Brain Teaser

Can you solve this weekend brain teaser? yyur.yyub.icuryy4me. Hints: -The periods separate sentences -Say each letter as it is pronounced except for ‘me’ and ‘yy’ -How would you say this yy (# then plural form) -Put it all together Answer: Too wise you are. Too wise you be. I see you are too wise for […]

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Boxes and Walls

Boxes and Walls is suppose to facilitate an interactive environment that provides a historical perspective on various oppressed groups while creating a situation that participants will experience discrimination or relive a situation. The ‘Boxes’ represent the place we put people in based on differences and the ‘Walls’ we build between people we view as different. […]

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Saturday Cinema

It is great to see some of you enjoy a free movie in the Cave. This Saturday we watched Thor: Ragnarok, if you haven’t see it I suggest you do. Thor: Ragnoarok is a 2017 American superhero/ comedy film based on Marvel Comics character Thor. There was some lemonade and popcorn. The next Saturday Cinema […]

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