Fire Station Visit!

Thanks to those who came to the fire station visit last week. Special thanks to ITM Professor Julie Loeffelholz and Platteville Fire Chief Ryan Simmons for the tour and information. The truck you see us standing on and by is a brand new one that isn’t even in service yet. It has wi-fi and a fireman can control many of its functions from an app on a phone. This is one of the many cool things we had the privilege of learning about at the fire station!


Professional Dress

It is officially interview season! Wondering what to wear to your next big interview? Or maybe a presentation has you worried. Check out this bulletin board for some good tips regarding what to where and what classifies as business casual, professional, and interview attire!


LGBTQQIA Bulletin Board

Looking for more information on LGBTQQIA at UW-Platteville? 1 West has you covered. There is some great information about safe zone training (check poster across from front desk for training sessions) and the Doyle Center. If anyone would like to go check out the Doyle Center, they have a ton of good information including a small library!


Badger Basketball Party!

Thanks to those who came down to support the Badgers on Friday night. We all had a great time even though it wasn’t the outcome we all wanted. There was plenty to cheer about during the game and it was awesome to see so much enthusiasm in one room for something that I enjoy. We will be continuing the Saturday movie night in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for publicity!


1 West Coed Soccer Team!

So unfortunately my soccer team pictures got deleted as well… But, 1 West enjoyed a fun and somewhat successful season of indoor soccer with their coed team featuring RA Holly Regan and 4 ladies from 3 East! It was an awesome time and it was great to see residents from 2 different wings come together to form a successful team!


1 West/3 West Intramural Basketball

The Flint Tropics finished with 1 win on the season with a HUGE win in the last game of the season. Thanks to all those who participated on the team. We had a great time even though we were on the losing end far more often than not. We even had the opportunity to play against fellow 1 West gentlemen Kyle and Riley. They got the better of us in the match up but it was a great time! We will more than likely be doing an intramural football team so let me know if you would like to be a part of it.received_1376419539111306

Morrow Mini Golf

Thanks to those who came and participated in the Morrow Mini Golf event with Happy Gilmore following! It was awesome to see the ingenuity that the residents of Morrow were able to come up with in these holes and being that we are the Engineering Interest Community I believe that it was a good showing of just a small portion of what our engineers are capable of creating!  It was a great time and I want to give a shout out to HIT for throwing the event! Remember to come down to HIT on Wednesday nights at 9pm to stay in the loop with what is going on in Morrow!