Surviving Finals

Are you prepared for finals? It is better to prepare for finals a couple weeks in advance so that you don’t have to cram or be surprised by anything last minute. These helpful tips and tricks will make finals week less stressful and overall easier on you. There is no reason if you are prepared […]

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Hallo, Wie möchten Sie etwas über Deutschland erfahren? Hier kannst du! Dieses Bulletin Board zeigt Ihnen einige coole Fakten, die Regierung, das Klima und die Sprache. Es wird Ihnen auch einige Grundlagen geben, wie Sie in Deutsch sprechen können, indem Sie Ihnen das Alphabet, die Zahlen, die gängigen Verben und die Satzstruktur zeigen. Wenn Sie […]

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Cards Against Humanity

Tuesday night about 6 of us stayed up until 2 am playing cards against humanity. We had a great time with a lot of laughs. Whenever you get a chance, especially late in the semester when it is getting more stressful you should find a time to relax and relieve some of that stress. It […]

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November Door Decs

Hey 1 West! Since it is November everyone got new turkey door decs! Everyone got a different fun fact or fun joke on their door dec. So go around and see what fun jokes or facts you may learn about Thanksgiving or November.

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Morrow’s Work Week

Hey everyone, It was great to see some on 1 West volunteer during Morrow’s Work Week. There are many different reasons why you should spend your free time volunteering. Not only are you helping your community, but you are helping yourself. Volunteering is a great way to reduce stress and improve your health by making […]

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Pool and Volleyball

Hey everyone, some of us from 3 West ate dinner at GWAM and played some pool while we were waiting for our food and when we were eating. Then after dinner we got outside to play some fun volleyball on possibly one of the last warmish days of Fall. Fun tip: Staying active during the […]

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Often College gets very busy, stressful, and overwhelming. One big thing that many college students struggle with is getting enough sleep. Everyone’s sleep patterns are different, but the ideal amount of sleep is about 8 hrs every night. If you are not getting enough sleep try and make your bed as comfortable as possible and […]

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What is Depression?

Hey 1 West! Winter is fast approaching and that is when there is an increase in depression rates. Hopefully this bulletin board will help you identify any symptoms that you or a friend might be showing that could be linked to depression. It will show you helpful tips and tricks about conquering depression and also […]

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